Model GVP-10

Portable vacuum pump

For the filling preparation of SF6 gas compartments

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Evacuation of air or nitrogen for preparing the filling of SF6 gas compartments

Special Features

  • Suction capacity up to 10 m³/h
  • Final pressure ≤ 0.02 mbar abs. achievable
  • Low weight and compact design
  • Built-in oil back flow prevention and oil mist return
  • Precision vacuum measuring instrument (optional)


Portable service equipment series
The model GVP-10 vacuum pump is a module of the portable service equipment series.

Modules of the instrument series:

  • Portable vacuum pump, model GVP-10
  • Portable SF6 filter unit, model GPF-10
  • Portable SF6 vacuum compressor, model GVC-10
  • Portable SF6 transfer unit, model GTU-10
  • Portable SF6 gas cylinder scale, model GWS-10

High suction capacity
The GVP-10 is used to prepare the filling of SF6 gas compartments. A low final pressure following evacuation guarantees low percentages of humidity and air in the SF6 gas compartment. This creates ideal conditions for a long-term high-quality SF6 filling. Thus the operational safety of the plants is ensured.

High-quality pump
The GVP-10 operates on the oil-lubricated rotary vane principle. During pump standstill, an oil back flow prevention prevents oil from the pump from entering the SF6 gas compartment. The oil mist occurring during long-time operation condenses at the outlet and is led back into the pump.

The product design combines easy operation with high suction capacity. The GVP-10 is a lightweight and can be transported and stored in a space-saving manner. The intake port is designed for the connection of hoses with a DN 8 valve.

Portable vacuum pump
  • Portable vacuum pump